Ecovillages: utopias or real models for a sustainable future?

It was a Sunday in April 2010 when Andrea Bocco headed to the village of Sieben Linden in the East of Germany for the first time. His journey took him through hundreds of kilometers of wheat, corn, and potato monocultures. “The…

How a unique concept from France is trying to put job-seekers right back into the professional world

Nadja Bouaka looks up timidly. The voice of the tall stout woman is trembling. “I have worked in a small restaurant, my competences are,” she begins before she gives up and looks down…

Ein 18-Jähriger verlässt jedes Wochenende die Metropole Paris für den Wahlkampf im Heimatdorf

von Elisa Miebach

Die Wetter-App auf Hugo Dumonts Handy zeigt 5 Grad. Es beginnt leicht zu regnen, als der 18-Jährige an diesem Februarnachmittag auf den Marktplatz seines Heimatdorfes tritt. Er ist am Morgen aus Paris gekommen. Fast…


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